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Enter Like a Needle

Suspenseful Women's Fiction

"Evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oak tree."
~Ethiopian Proverb

Val saves children for a living, but she never expected she'd have to save her own.

With a stressful job, a rocky marriage, and an autistic son, pediatrician Valeria Cruz struggles every day to find balance. But when she bumps into a funeral party and discovers the deceased is a former patient, Jonah, she ignites the wrath of Jonah's mother, Mara. Mara blames Val for not only Jonah's death, but the destruction of her family, and she sets out to even the score.

Val's kids are in danger and everyone thinks Val's responsible, so they're keeping her away. Meanwhile, Mara's decided she's entitled to Val's "perfect family" to replace the one she lost and sets her sights on Val's husband. If Val can't find a way to prove her innocence, her kids will be headed straight for the arms of the woman who hurt them. And so will the new baby Val's carrying, once she goes into labor-- if Mara waits that long.